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StreamCore and BoostWorks TM join forces to accelerate Intranet and Internet data streams

Date Communiqué de Presse : 25 février 2002

StreamCore, manufacturer of innovative products providing Total Bandwidth Management of Intranet and Internet access links, and BoostworksTM, publisher of software solutions to accelerate and improve the fluidity of Web traffic, have validated the interoperability and complementary nature of their respective solutions for accelerating network flows: StreamGroomersTM and BoostwebTM. Both solutions were validated during a joint benchmark whose results are presented hereafter.
The purpose of this joint operation was to demonstrate the efficiency of combining both products to solve overloaded access links to multi-site IP networks. The benchmark was performed over an Intranet with Internet access. A series of measurements were taken to evaluate the response times of an interactive application located on a remote Intranet server. The interactive application loads a typical Web page over a 64 Kbps leased line. Other simultaneous applications were injected, such as file transfers or access to other Web servers on the Internet, in order to create a situation involving stress (insufficient bandwidth).
BoostWeb played its role to perfection, optimizing HTTP data streams and compressing the Web page data by a 5.3 ratio. The Fast Start mechanism of the StreamGroomers, which requires no configuration, protected the interactive sessions over the access link. The results obtained by combining StreamGroomersTM and BoostwebTM were spectacular: the average response times dropped from 28 ms to 3 ms.

Average read time
IP Best Effort 28 ms
StreamGroomer alone 13 ms
StreamGroomer and BoostWeb 3 ms

The solutions StreamGroomersTM and BoostwebTM are priority addressed to the companies which deploy critical applications in Intranet and Internet mode, accessible by distant or mobile users.

So the users companies have a global and reliable solution to optimize the Internet and Intranet data flows and to accelerate the response times for each user. The benefits are more spectacular with low connections that’s the case for the majority of the mobile or distant users.

BoostworksTM publishes BoostwebTM, an innovative solution for information exchange platforms (Internet, Extranet, Intranet, portals) that accelerates the display of Web pages, reduces the amount of data transferred, and improves response times. Running on TCP/IP networks and compatible with all HTTP servers, BoostWeb is a 100% software solution that is installed transparently in front of the Web server and uses an optimized dialog with the user’s Web browser.

StreamCore provides StreamGroomersTM, an innovative range of interactive devices delivering Total Bandwidth Management. StreamGroomers deliver accurate, predictable bandwidth management in both directions. All StreamGroomers include StreamCore’s exclusive Fast-Start technology which accelerates interactive traffic (HTTP queries, Citrix, Oracle, ERP, etc.) by optimizing response times and assigning bandwidth to each application session based on business priorities.

About BoostWorks
BoostWorks provides a suite of server-based solutions ensuring optimal performance in the “last mile” delivery of web content and applications. Its flagship product, BoostWeb, provides the most cost effective method of improving end-to-end network performance for any kind of network – Internet, Intranet, or Extranet. BoostWorks is privately held and counts 250 entreprise, ISP, wireless, and OEM customers worldwide. The company is headquatered in San Francisco, California with offices in Europe and Asia. For further information, or to see how BoostWeb can improve web response time, using any URL please visit BoostWorks’ web site at

About StreamCore
StreamCore, founded in February 1998, designs, develops, and markets a range of innovative products: StreamGroomersTM, devices for accelerating critical network applications by optimizing bandwidth management of Internet/Intranet/Extranet access links.
StreamCore benefits from the support of business angels and well-known American shareholders, such as Vinton G. Cerf, one of the creators of the Internet, and Bernard Goldstein, the founder of the Broadview investment bank. The 3i, Innovacom and AGF Private Equity investment funds took part in the first round of funding in October 1999, and were joined by Mitsubishi Capital Europe and SPEF Ventures during a second round in December 2001 that raised 6 million euro.
For further information on StreamCore and our StreamGroomers, visit

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