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Property For Sale In France

Date Communiqué de Presse : 9 mai 2006

Seymour-James is pleased to promote their web site, french property for sale | south west france. In particular, a website focussing on property for sale in Bordeaux, Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, Charente, Gers and Pyrenees Atlantiques.

As a business focused on delivering property marketing services to French estate agents and private sellers of property in France alike; Seymour-James also offers services to help clients sell their properties or promote their business using the power of press releases. Both of which are unsurpassed methods for increasing visibility on the Internet. In addition, press releases often end up ranking higher than many web sites, concerned solely with property for sale in France. Of course the great benefit for an advertiser is the probability can be greater that the target audience is finding their property or business – press releases can uniquely promote a single property for sale in France.

David Seymour comments: “We provide English and French marketing services to estate agents in France, property finders and individuals whom wish to sell their property. For example, we have recently had several clients selling property in South West France whom had difficulty getting reasonable listings (ranking) with the major internet engines. By publishing press releases on their behalf, Seymour-James has delivered almost immediate visibility for their businesses. This type of visibility may have taken months to achieve with a web site. Moreover, we use these very same techniques for promoting our own business which also markets property for sale in France.”

David continues,” the advertising market for ‘Property For Sale In France’ is a difficult one as it is saturated with web sites offering thousands of properties. On one U.K. variant of a well-known search provider, there are a staggering 34 million pages returned for the phrase property for sale france and 40 million pages for ‘property sale france’. Even a more specific criteria such as ‘property sale in south west france’ returns nearly 20 million pages. And of course if one looks at the first few pages for these searches, large portals dominate. These of course have their advantages but they also have drawbacks. What is really needed is a shift in search behavior. Buyers will find it much more effective if they search specifically on an engine for their specific property for sale in france.”

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