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Services aux entreprises | | 04-10-2006

Des bonnes perspectives mondiales pour les HD DVD

4 Oct. 2006, Lyon, announces that a new market research is available to its catalog.

This report is the first major industry study on the potential market for high definition video formats.

The report assess the merits of the competing formats and predicts the most likely outcome.Included in the report is detailed historical data for worldwide video sales by value and volume from 1992 to 2005 as well as forecast data for the existing and next generation video formats to 2010.

Some of the key questions that the report answers include:

* Will the new formats be the saviour of Hollywood?

* What affect will the new formats have on hardware and software sales and pricing?

* How will the market for the new generation video software and hardware develop over the next five years?

* Have the claims and counterclaims of the two hi-def disc camps left you wondering what the truth is?

* What kind of interactivity do BD Java and iHD offer? Why does it matter?

* Do you understand why HP has gone neutral on the Hi-def format issue?

* Why is Microsoft's new Vista operating system a key factor in the future of hi-def videodisc?

Covered in the report:

* A detailed assessment of the likely outcomes of the current video format war and its effect on the industry.

* The report includes 5 year forecasts with combined sales of the new format broken out for US, Europe and Japan.

* Compression and authoring

* Profiles of supporters for both camps

* Analysis of copy protection for both formats

* Manufacturing next generation discs

* Hardware for next generation formats

With a rapid decline in DVD prices in freefall and consumer spending on DVD market growth rates decliningplateauing, there is increasing industry pressure for a next generation video format to accompany TV's shift to high definition.

Consumer electronic companies and content owners alike hope to restore their fortunes by , offering much better quality video and other features, but at a higher price point.

which – it is hoped – might help restore the fortunes of consumer electronic companies and content owners.But instead of a single formatsystem, supported by all relevant industries, there are two incompatible formats.

One is HD DVD, developed and supported by the DVD Forum, which its supporters claim is the logical successor to DVD and which has been developed and supported by the DVD Forum.
The other is Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the other and is supported by companies that include Philips and Sonya revolutionary rather than evolutionary format which is not backed by the DVD Forum.

Click the link for more information regarding this market research report

Suivez ce lien pour plus d'information sur cette étude de marché sectorielle

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 Market research report :

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